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Tell your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) to take action to keep home ownership affordable for future generations.

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Young Ontarians are doing everything right. Going to school. Getting good jobs. Saving carefully. Now they are ready to buy their first home and be a part of a community. But, no matter how they crunch the numbers, they can’t make it work. The dream of home ownership has never been harder to achieve.

Ontario REALTORS® are fighting for hardworking Ontarians to keep the dream alive. Together, let’s call on leaders and policy makers to make a difference - to help Ontarians afford a home.

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The overwhelming majority (90%) of millennials say home ownership is important to them (CUR) but over half of Ontarians (56%) believe that home ownership is unaffordable in their neighborhood (NAV).

Over the next 10 years, 700,000 Millennials plan to move out of their parents' basements and into their own home (CUR) – a number the current resale housing market can’t support.

Young Ontarian families need room to grow, meaning more low-rise, semi-detached and detached family homes need to be built to meet their needs.

89% of Ontarians believe that owning a home is more difficult for young people than it used to be.

Between 2001 and 2014, millennials have watched…

House prices grew 133%


Household incomes grew 36%

THE STATE of things…

$585,290 the 2017 average price of an Ontario home (CREA).

$32,000the average income for a millennial in 2016.

$38,000down payment + closing costs required on 2017 average priced Ontario home

What about all that debt...

59% of young professionals in the GTA say housing costs are making it more difficult to pay off debt*

And, what about retirement?...

83% of young professionals in the GTA reveal housing costs are making it more difficult to save for retirement*

The Boiling point

We are at a watershed moment in the history of home ownership in our province. Decisions that get made by policy makers today will have long-term impact on whether future generations get a fair chance at achieving the Canadian dream of home ownership.


TO Keep the dream alive Governments need to…

Ensure that the right type of housing is available to meet this generation’s needs.

  • More “Missing Middle” housing where young families can get their start. (CUR).
  • More space for families and millennials who will increasingly look for ground-related housing, which includes single-detached and semi-detached houses and townhouses. (CUR).

Make home ownership more affordable for first time buyers.

  • To help make it more affordable to get into the market, the First-Time Home Buyer Land Transfer Tax rebate should be increased to $6,000 and indexed with inflation.

Increase supply to fill the demand as it grows.

  • The lack of new housing supply is one of the biggest barriers to a balanced housing market. Layers upon layers of approvals, lack of serviced land, and zoning challenges are just a few examples of some policies which limit new building supply.